No Cat Calls (2017).

7" single (33rpm). Captain Platypus Records 2017. Bear Bites Horse studio, produced by Wane Adams..

A side:

A1 wide eyed cheetah like feline adorns the cover and cleverly, the back of the cat features on the reverse. Personally painted by Chris the guitarist/singer, is there no end to his talents?

Its an all too rare event when BAM reviews a piece of vinyl and here we are with seven inches of grooved roundness, hitting the floor running with DERRICK, a slicing stab of tortured weirdness you would be disappointed not to hear from Luton’s Dinges, basey beats and a gangster thug thump of drumming adds to the manic disturbed sound, with sliding guitars adding much to this quality grunge. All scary fun and well timed structures.

A2 DO YOU REMEMBER THAT ONE MATING SEASON? Has screaming vocals and a repeated hook to haul you in, it certainly does live and because of that, is a memorable track captured on record.

B side:

B1 Motorhead style guitars splatter CHICKEN & EGG with punk edged vocals and rhythm infusing a manic pace of frantic energy and distorted chaos. It’s a Halloween mad house of skippy percussive beats which pin down the pace throughout.

B2 Screeched vocals rip at you on BROKEN HEAL with skipping drums and an almost Far Eastern Egyptian influence in places, with vocals to scare neighbours and a pace that sinks to a slower time change midway but soon heading back to our Dinges fuelled manic proportions.

Eccentric sounds and a great cat cover, what more could you want?

Review by keith. www.bedfordalternativemusic.co.uk