5 Track E.P.

Goliath Theory have five new tracks up on Soundcloud, (but with the EP to follow). Seemingly picking up where Yellowknife Bay left off (same vocalist). GUSHING BLOOD with tortured vocals angrily shouting the lyrics between strutting guitar stabs and noticeably good and speedy drumming. It’s not the same tempo all the way through as a slowdown section sneaks up on you before the main tune catches fire again.

Melodic infusions permeate FAMILY TIES mixing fast pace drumming with frantic guitars and vocals, a mixed bag indeed, capturing all the essences to structure their tunes to entice the senses. The drumming percussive bits stand out remarkably with this band in being the total opposite of what I do not like in bands which have dull repetitive plodding beats, instead Goliath Theory gives us infectious skippy beats of rhythm.

Country n Western punk creates an unusual opening sound on DON’T LET THE RIVER RUN COLD it has tuneful choral chants making a blueprint for any audiences wanting a singalong to the party favourite of a track if performed live.

WHY YOU ALWAYS HIGH is a short song that stops starts rambles and riffs along with a punk attitude and angered vocals rocking you out with in your face verbal blasts.

YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT yes it is the Grease anthem bravely covered here in a distinctive Goliath Theory stamped sound, starting slow then picking up to form the best version I have heard with a galloping perfusion of sound that grabs your interest and denies you any thoughts of the cheesy choice of track, here covered well, in their own style and not leaving out praise for the thankful evidence of being a band with a good drummer pinning it all together.

All in all a rock out pop punk party to the ears!

Review by keith. www.bedfordalternativemusic.co.uk