BAM At The Bear - Perdisian, Friday At 3, Dorosia.

The Bear, High Street Bedford Saturday 29th April 2017.

The Latest Bedford Alternative Music (BAM) gig was held in one of Bedford’s oldest structural pubs. During the past couple of years, The Bear has experienced a number of name changes, relaunch nights followed by the inevitable closures. Always a haven for like minded people with a penchant for all things alternative, (e.g. clothes, music etc) The Bear reclaimed both its old name and a welcome back to live music, when in December new ownership was obtained. The ‘stage’ at the far end of this narrow room with a long bar, has been unfortunately reduced by the addition of a couple of the obligatory game machines.
Tonight’s sound (and lighting) and a smidgeon of haze was overseen by James, Parrott Sound & Light who I must say did an exceptionally good job. The sound quality of headline band PERDISIAN was to say the least, excellent. Especially given the fact that this band do belt out a raucous noise! Perdisian are from Somerset, they bemoan the fact that in their hometown, metal gigs are hard to find and is not the genre of choice for the locals! They are always most welcome in Bedford and indeed this is their third visit to our town. They have changed line up’s since their previous Esquires show and are now a four piece.
Thankfully, this has not blunted their bludgeoning power. The sound waves have not been compromised. A four hour plus car journey has not deadened their ability to blast out a torrential set of death metal savagery. They even have time to verbally spar with a high street local idiot! One thing you don’t do is upset these West Country cider lads. They know how to look after themselves. Musically, these are very exciting times for Perdisian, their brand new album Evocation is due out on June 1st. many tracks are featured tonight and with the impetus of confident and bold aggression they displayed in their live show tonight, everything bodes well when they play the album live in full, closer to home. Son Of Perdisian is already a firm favourite. A proper headbanging, brain scrambler, they say its “one to run around to” although sadly that is near on impossible at this cosy boozer. Full momentum is then reached with Spawn Of Hate. “Lets fuck this place up,” Perdisian command. The sound reached is pretty much the aural equivalent of a jackhammer running on rocket fuel! With a crowd loudly requesting for more, the Somerset lads are only pleased to unleash an encore. It’s great to see such committed endeavour by these far travelling musicians. There is never any ‘faux – fury’ posturing, Perdisian are far too progressive for that silly nonsense. This was just unadulterated joy and fully focussed rage. Death metal in your local and of the highest, heaviest and classiest calibre. My parting shot to the missing metal heads of Bedford, who couldn’t be bothered to turn up for a free gig, is always watch and learn, you lamecore saddoes!

Main support was provided by FRIDAY AT 3. A dose of rock and a dash of punk is the mix of this promising Bedfordshire trio. Once again I was impressed with a tidy and polished set of catchy compositions. Its only early days for this band, but their presentation is noticeably good. Their songs are sleek, stuffed to bursting with razor sharp, platingham coated hooks. Energy and exuberance exudes from every pore. Their enthusiasm is utterly infectious, especially on Into The Ocean. They present a set, played with unselfconsciousness and an irrepressible sense of fun. We do indeed Rise in our applause and cheers for Friday At 3. Their final song Lets Loose It, is self explanatory, as it equals a free flowing punky thrashy party explosion.

Performing their first gig of 2017 are DOROSIA. This Stevenage metal band take ‘groove’ as their chosen influence. They open with the spine tingling effects of Decidia, while the slightly slower Through These Veins is darkly pristine. My ears however totally pricked up and plugged in to Fire Wont Bring Piece. An awesome composition from start to finish. A rip snorting, rollicking intro, grabbed and seized my attention. The room seems to quake in its enormity, guitars bleed down the walls. A ferocious bout of drumming threatens to bring the ceiling crashing down. There’s something hugely good natured about Dorosia and its impossible not to get swept along on a wave of beery enthusiasm with these metal lads. More so with Descent, which is as pulverising as it is breathless. Their final song was called Gutless. Its brand spanking new and the song was finished off only hours before this gig, it even includes a respectful Sabbathesque intro. A lovely introduction to the heavy musical grooves of Dorosia.

Dorosia Video (Click Here)

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Review by Martin Stapleton.